Incentive trips

Knowing an incredible destination thanks to shocking and original experiences is a hardly comparable motivation to drive us to achieve a goal. After more than 15 years traveling the world, we know that a trip designed in detail, surprising and emotional, is the most powerful and effective strategy for brands, their teams and their clients.

But as in any trip, choosing the ideal companion is essential. Planning an incentive trip requires an expert team that designs solutions adapted to the profile of the guests, objectives and budget. Our Incentive team loves to travel and selects truly unique destinations and locations that spark the excitement of travelers thanks to our own proven global network of DMCs.

Everything to achieve an experience that goes far beyond the trip: we create creative campaigns that powerfully convey your brand values. With a planning measure that manages to motivate sales network teams or create unique moments for clients.


We all have a dream trip. Tell us about it and let's start imagining it together. Is there anything more exciting? You can get an idea by consulting some of the trips we have made.


GlobalBox, promotions and incentives without limit!

After the appearance of COVID, the current incentive strategy of many of the brands has been affected. It has forced us to reduce social contact, but it is still more important than ever to keep the team together. There are travel restrictions but we don't want that to mean giving up incentivizing teams.


How to achieve it?

We have created GlobalBox, the experience site with which to reinforce the motivation and commitment of teams, clients or consumers. GlobalBox is a fully customizable platform in which each user can choose when, with whom and what they want to live among hundreds of attractive possibilities: