Online Events

Good stories have to continue to be told.

Our Online Events service allows you to reach the public without having to move from home, guaranteeing safety with minimal technical equipment.

What is an online event?

It is an event conceived, designed and carried out in a digital environment, with all the characteristics of classic events but with innovative possibilities for interaction.

We combine the best technical solutions for remote events with careful content design.


Streaming Events

The event is filmed from a stage with all the characteristics of a classic event but with surprising new technological possibilities.


In House Events

The event is broadcast online from the locations where the speakers and presenters are.

Know what Online Events are and all their possibilities in this video

Global Event

Do you want to see an example? Give play to the summary video of Global Event!

Global Event

In addition, you can enjoy all the content of the event in a single App: the registration, the agenda, the interaction during the event or its streams.

Thanks to technology, creating unique experiences without leaving home and adapted to the needs of each project is possible.