COVID Safe Commitment

Offering our clients maximum security in terms of health and legal guarantee is one of our main objectives.

That is why we belong to the Platform for Incentive Agencies for Health Security, from which we have developed a series of protocols to follow in our events and incentive trips. The main agents of incentives in the country have come together to jointly create a de-escalation plan in the sector.


In our commitment as professionals to design and produce COVID Safe events, meetings and trips, we base ourselves on the following points:

  • All agencies react in solidarity by working on a single stage, contrasting and agreeing on all points of view.
  • Update de-escalation plans
  • Audit that all services in the value chain comply with COVID Safe legislation.
  • Manage the health security COVID Safe of the attendees
  • Generate legal certainty for clients by negotiating with insurance providers and companies.


The COVID Safe Incentives & Events Manual develops all the guidelines to be followed by all teams involved in the organization of events and incentive trips that carry this seal of quality.

Do you have doubts about the new security protocols? Write to us!